meroco 1since 2008 we have been producing biodiesel, which can be added into diesel, and thus it helps to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere


MEROCO is a member of Envien Group, a strong European player in the field of biofues. Its production of biodiesel suitably complements the portfolio of the group. The production of FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Esther), known also as biodiesel, has begun in 2008. The annual production capacity is 120,000 tons of FAME and 14,500 tons of glycerin.

The biodiesel produced in MEROCO is mixed with diesel fuel. This helps to fulfill governments’ goals in climate change and reduce the dependence on oil imports, since a part of demand for fuel is covered by domestically produced biofuel. Biodiesel is a renewable source of energy that can be counted on in the future, since it is practically inexhaustible.

The use of biodiesel markedly contributes to improvement of the environment, because compared to standard diesel its production emits much less greenhouse gases. Launching the production in MEROCO contributed to the growth of the Slovak economy, supported employment in regions with high unemployment rate and created a stable partner for the local farmers, from whom it purchases the raw materials.

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